We focus on providing a green alternative to traditional pest control. Help us fulfill our mission to preserve the environment.

EARTHWISE has a unique pricing structure different from our competition. After a precise estimate is performed, pricing is based on the amount of work that needs to be completed. NO witch-craft calculations, NO prices based on your income bracket or social status –just fair pricing based on what needs to be done! This was important to me right from the beginning!

Owner: Deric Boileau

Licenses: I have held various category licenses in NY, PA, MI, TN. In NY I also held a Nuisance Wildlife Trapper license for many years.

Professional Experience:

The Pest Control industry has taken me many places provided a wide variety of experiences from local restaurant and bar owners, grocery stores and home owners to working with international giants in the food manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and storage industries. I have also performed work in the medical engineering and manufacturing industry, as well as the typical mechanical manufacturing settings (car plants; parts).

The medical and food manufacturing industries, due to the nature of what they do, were very stressful and high stakes situations. These accounts required highly specialized and accredited personnel to administer pest control services in accordance to industry standards, both corporate and regulatory. Any transgressions here could affect the life of many people. To avoid this from happening multiple levels of inspectors, both 3rd party (hired by the customer) and government representatives were involved.Government inspectors are in every food plant in the U.S., as a check and balance on behalf of the American consumer. All actions had to be documented thoroughly and completely, which would be inspected for validity every step of the way by those inspectors. It is easy to see the importance of doing a job right in these scenarios, mistakes could result in serious public health issues and multi-millions of dollars lost for everyone involved.

Previously, in an effort to reduce the risk of introducing contagions into a sensitive environment, I have had to shower at the facility and change into new clothes.In pharmaceutical settings I have had to be fully covered in medical gowns, booties, mittens, masks and hairnets. Imagine trying to perform pest control services in that environment!

On a Water Bottling facility where water was captured from natural wells we were not able to use any pesticides of any type on the property. Imagine that! While it did present some serious obstacles, success was achieved through a partnership with the customer. An effective partnership, built on good communication and documentation, identified risks and corrective action(s) before problems occurred.

After nearly 2 decades in the industry I felt it was time for me to start my own company and bring all these experiences together. Throughout my career I always tried to get results in a manner that did not endorse the senseless use of pesticides, sometimes avoiding the use of them entirely. This was a conviction, not just a something I did occasionally. For my new venture I wanted to continue this philosophy and make it the core of my business ethic — provide pest control services in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

EARTHWISE Pest Solutions was conceptualized and open for business in Spring ’08.

Focus in the beginning was on the residential market, a place where pesticides are used in enormous quantities by both homeowners and my contemporaries alike. Reducing senseless pesticide use in this segment of the market would certainly impact the global environment. Additionally, we wanted to entertain opportunities with other local small business owners in the restaurant, medical, & retail fields.

Getting the word out:

To avoid excessive start-up costs and reduce unnecessary paper waste (flyers, brochures, cards, etc.) I joined a local Chamber of Commerce and other business networking systems.Those associations were the seed to much of our success and spurred on lots of referrals, pardon the pun – Organically! If the first 2 seasons are any indication, we have many great years of growth and success ahead of us!

Our Mission Statement is on the back of every business card purposely. I pride myself on the fact that we provide NO OBLIGATION estimates for homeowners and small business owners. We use this as an opportunity to educate people about the changes in the industry and lay out the options to them.

Do yourself a favor and give EARTHWISE! Pest Solutions the opportunity to talk to you about your pest control needs. We would honor your request with sincerity and a level of professionalism that is scarce in the service industry today.We realize that without you, we are nothing!