— Program Guide —


Option #1: Guaranteed-GREEN Protection

Description: You say the word and we will only use EPA Exempt products.  We applaud your respect and awareness of today’s environmental issues and will provide the GREEN-est place to live, work and play!  In difficult situations we will only deviate from this commitment with your prior approval.  This keeps you in the driver’s seat.

Option #2: Preferred-GREEN Protection

Description: Because you value your environment we will perform our duties using low risk/NO risk products proven to be effective.  Our desire is to leave your property a pest free place to live, work and play!  This program appeals to individuals with varying budgets and levels of concern for their immediate surroundings.

Coverage:  Protection from rats, mice, ants (except wood-boring), centipedes, millipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, earwigs, crickets, cockroaches, spiders, house flies, cluster flies, silverfish, firebrats, bees, wasps, yellow jackets in home, garage, shed, pool structures and decking.



 Description:  A program for NEW and existing homeowners that have not addressed Termite control.  NON-Chemical monitors are installed in the ground around the home.  These monitors will indicate when sub-terrainian termites have moved near the structure.  Monitors are serviced 6x/yr. and activity recorded on report.  When necessary, appropriate mitigation will be carried out by a certified professional.

GreenPlus! Program – 15% SAVINGS

Receive a 15% DISCOUNT when combining a Structural with Termite Monitoring.