Your personal Mosquito Control Squad in Nashville… Getting Rid of Mosquitos!

Mosquitoes are a major outdoor annoyance that can prevent you from enjoying and using your yard. More than that, they pose a serious health threat by carrying many dangerous diseases. Mosquitos are responsible for more death and illness every year than any other insect or animal. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, you’ve come to the right place. Earthwise offers a customized service to control mosquito populations around your home.


Our Mosquito Control Service protects your entire property against mosquitoes, including outdoor areas like your lawn and garden. We also inspect and monitor your property to eliminate breeding grounds and mosquito larvae habitats. When combined with our monthly service, this will drastically reduce the mosquito population in your vicinity.

Nashville’s Mosquito Expert Deric Boileau is the owner of EarthWise Pest Solutions. Deric was recently interviewed by  NewsChannel 5 on ways to protect your family against the dangers of mosquitoes.
newschannel 5: how to get rid of mosquitoes

Our Mosquito Control Service has three main parts:

Mosquito Prevention:

Our technician will show you how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and reproducing on your property

Mosquito Control:

Using safe and organic pesticides, we will significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes – while creating a long-term protective barrier against dangerous mosquitoes and mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Maintenance:

In addition to providing steps you can take to reduce the number of mosquitoes, we will regularly apply treatments to eliminate the return of mosquitoes to your yard and home.

From prevention to control to maintenance, we will get rid of mosquitoes and prevent new ones from hatching. Through a series of monthly treatments, your yard will be protected year round. Mosquito prevention begins in March or April with an initial application that prevents mosquito breeding. Then as peak season begins, our service provides a barrier against mosquitoes entering your yard and home.

More Background Information on Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes – the Ultimate Pest
One of the best known summer pests, mosquitoes breed in stagnant water or soft soil and can develop from egg to adult in 10 to 14 days. One of the easiest ways to reduce mosquito populations is to regularly remove stagnant water areas in your yard. In fact, mosquito control is ineffective in many third-world countries because fresh running water is not accessible. This problem does not exist in the USA, so it is important to flush any water reservoirs regularly.

Mosquito Habits
Female mosquitoes suck our blood. Male mosquitoes feed on plant nectars. They can develop from egg to adult in 10 to 14 days. They are most active from dusk to dawn and will fly up to 14 miles for a blood meal.

Mosquito Habitat
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water sources such as storm drains, old tires, children’s wading pools and birdbaths.

Threats and Dangers caused by Mosquitoes
It seems nearly every week there are new MOSQUITO reports in the news cycle.   Almost annually now we can expect to see reports and worries about West Nile, Triple ‘E’ (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) & St.Louis Encephalitis, and the Bird Flu in the news.  These are three of the most common viral things that are transported by mosquitoes and can infect humans.  It would seem you can now put Chikungunya and Zika on the list to watch out for.  The cause for concern on a lot of these viruses is that they mimic or are very similar to cold and flu symptoms.  Anyone experiencing or displaying these symptoms would naturally think that all they had was the flu or a cold.  Early detection and medical attention is paramount to preventing serious debilitating symptoms and sometimes death associated with mosquito borne illnesses.  When left untreated the hosts’ systems are compromised, exacerbating symptoms to a point where late medical attention will take longer to resolve the virus.  In most cases death is not imminent but rather severe diarrhea, vomiting/nausea, fever, headaches and a myriad of other debilitating symptoms are experienced by the host.  You might not be dead, but you’ll wish you were!  Organ function and system disruption are common with these viruses.

Mosquito Species in Tennessee & Viruses They Carry –
Aedes Mosquito (Asian Tiger):
Dengue Fever; West Nile Mosquito; Encephalitis; Heartworm; Chikungunya; Zika Virus

Anopheles Mosquito:
Malaria (1500 cases annually in U.S.); West Nile Virus

Culex Mosquito:
West Nile Virus

Mosquito General Biology & Information:

-believed 2,700-3,400 species worldwide!

-life cycle….2 weeks avg.

-adults can live a few days to a couple weeks.

-breed/harbor in both standing water & floodwater.

-feed during day or night, depending species.

-males feed on plant juice

-females require blood source (protein) for her eggs.

-adults range in size from .06″-.5″

-welts are reactions to mosquito saliva injected into your skin.

-adults prefer darker places or alighting zones.

-300 feet:  That’s the distance an average mosquito travels from its birthplace.

-not ALL species like humans! (but that’s all we care about!)

-a few infected mosquitoes can produce a large outbreak in a community.

-requires consistent sub-60° temps to reduce populations.

-Mosquitoes blow around in the wind.

Areas of concern, domestically:

backyard & outdoor living space and entertainment areas; open grassy areas; tennis courts; basketball courts; baseball fields; football fields; your home; your workplace; your business; any place mosquitoes are being experienced or problematic.

Solutions –

Earthwise! will utilize state of the art equipment to deliver an environmentally conscious product, leaving the mosquito’s dead and your property safe to enjoy!

How do we do it?  We treat all the landing zones/surfaces that males utilize and constantly analyze and reduce breeding zones that females lay eggs in.

Simple recipe, right?  An effective execution is difficult, but EarthWise! has established a long list of satisfied customers across the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area!

Breeding Sources:

It is important to identify breeding sources and standing water that would support mosquito life. Our service constantly monitors for these situations every time we are on your property.  If we identify an area of concern we will immediately correct it, or bring it to your attention – with a recommended course of action.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a bucket of water or a spare tire, other times it can be more complex. Either way Earthwise! is on the scene identifying breeding sources and providing solutions.

Earthwise Pest Control: 25 years of experience getting rid of mosquitos!
With nearly 25 years experience in the pest control industry EarthWise! has gained extensive knowledge and a broad skill set.  A serious problem facing Mid-TN residents is Mosquitoes, and EarthWise! is positioned to employ this acquired  knowledge and skill set in a unique way, differentiating them from others in the industry.

In previous years mosquito remediation methods have been highly inefficient and therefore quite costly.

In this new millennium there have been advancements in the form of new and improved equipment, and advanced treatment protocols improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Earthwise! is proud to announce that their new protocol provides a sound environmentally conscious result (more dead mosquitoes!) and a significant reduction in cost to clients.

reduced product usage + increased efficiency = Reduced Cost!

-When you consider that this method provides better results, it’s a no brainer!

Earthwise Mosquito Program:
In the state of Tennessee it is recognized that mosquito season is April – October.  It would stand to reason that an effective treatment regimen would also run during this same time.

Our new program is tailored to your exact property layout, landscaping, and your personal goals and objectives.  This applies to your residence, commercial property, and can even be used in an industrial setting.

Success is achieved through treatments & breeding source elimination!  The importance of reducing breeding grounds cannot be understated.

Here’s what EarthWise! clients enjoy:

-No scheduling hassles – services are routine.

-Confidence – The job will be done right!

-Professional ongoing analysis of risks.

-Effective communication of issues.

-Peace of mind knowing you can safely enjoy your property with kids, family, friends, and pets.

Let this be the year you FINALLY enjoy your yard, patio and outdoor areas. Call (615) 587-9350 to learn about the Earthwise Mosquito Control Plan!

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