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Earthwise Pest Control has a unique pricing structure different from our competition. After a precise estimate is performed, pricing is based on the amount of work that needs to be completed. NO witchcraft calculations, NO prices based on your income bracket or social status –just fair pricing based on what needs to be done to solve your pest control problems.

Pest Control Pricing that is fair, honest and without any hidden fees. This was important to me right from the beginning!

Testimonials from our happy customers….

“Deric went above and beyond when treating our house with non-toxic products! I would highly recommend his service to everyone who has a home. He’s a great person who has a vision for the future and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.”
–Shelia Woodall

“Thank you Deric and Earthwise. I try to be very environmentally conscious and Earthwise provided a way to control the bugs without harming my pets and wildlife outside. The service is great, thanks again.”
–Robert Robinson

“Our Shaklee cleaning products are very earth friendly, so my wife and I were excited to learn that there are natural, earth friendly products to control the bugs and ants that sometime seem to “love” our house. I was impressed with Deric’s honesty and work ethic.”
–David Fowlkes

“We have been having bug problems even though we had another pest control spraying. We took Derek on with his pest solutions. We now have no bug problems. He even took the time to rake out the leaves around the bushes so his product could take affect. Being green is always a plus.”
–Verneda Byron

“We are very please with the service Deric and Earthwise performed. He was knowledgeable and very professional. Not only was he prompt and thorough but he also explained all his green treatments. We excited to find someone who offers an alternative to harsh chemical products.”
–Jim Butera


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