Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Nashville Tennessee

Commercial Pest Control

Exterminator Services for Restaurants , Self Storage Facilities

20 years experience solving pest and bug infestation issues in commercial settings.

Exterminator Services for Office buildings and Strip malls

Discrete and competent exterminator services for commercial buildings.

Pest Extermination & Prevention for Retail Stores

Affordable Pest Prevention for Businesses in Nashville, TN


Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, supermarket, school, health facility or retail store – your business can’t risk a Nashville pest control problem. We’ll protect your business and property with affordable and effective Commercial Exterminator Services.

Call (615) 587-9350 today to schedule your FREE-NO OBLIGATION estimate from Earthwise. Because we customize our programs for your specific needs, we do not give out quotes over the phone. Be wary of ‘phone’ pricing — it’s not possible and is a set-up for failure!

Problems with mosquitoes? Learn about our new Mosquito Control Service.

We also offer commercial and business service available in Hendersonville, Tennessee.